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Shorty Mufflers History

John Furrey is Shorty Mufflers and has been around quarter midget racing for over 50 years. Exposed to the sport as a child by a friend, Duane Dean, He never got to race the little cars himself. But his love of speed led him to start drag racing in the ‘70’s, building the cars and engines himself. After a decade of drag racing, he felt compelled for yet another challenge and began stock car racing, first on the dirt and then switching to asphalt, setting track records during his first year of late model racing. Always doing most of the work himself, he learned firsthand how to make cars go fast.


In 1986, at the age of 37, John finally began his quarter midget career as handler and car owner for his 5-year old niece, Emily Harkins. The following year saw more growth as his 4-year old son, Charlie, began racing as well. John continued stock car racing for a few more years, but as the children grew, so did his passion for quarter midget racing and the realization of not enough time and money to do both. But through his knowledge and desire to be the best, Shorty Mufflers was born. John saw very early on the need for better exhaust. As he developed exhaust for his own cars, other racers asked him to build exhausts for them and the rest is history. Through dyno test, track testing, and feedback from engine builders, John has developed custom exhaust for every class of quarter midgets, and is always looking for ways to make the cars go faster.


There have been many people who have influenced John and his racing career, but a couple of people stand out. One is that childhood friend, Duane Dean, who drove a very fast Curtis Soji car in the “A” class and the other would be John Saunders, “Mr. Quarter Midget”, who raced quarter midgets until the day he died at the age of 82. When John Saunders died, John bought his 22 “A” engines and parts and began building engines himself. And also, with the help of friends, he rebuilt Saunders’ #98 racecar and had it placed in the Talladega Motorsports Hall of Fame. As for that old friend, Duane Dean, Duane owns a body shop and the two play in a rock and roll band together.